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Gaussian Naive Bayes

So I currently learning some machine learning stuff and therefore I also exploring some interesting algorithms I want to share here. This time I want to talk about the Gaussian Naive Bayes algorithm, which is a simple classification algorithm which is based on the Bayes’ theorem. Bayes’ theorem Bayes Theorem is named after Thomas Bayes (1701-1... Read more

Angular: Common Http Client

With the last major release of Angular to Angular 4.3 there came a new feature to the Angular framework: The new Angular HttpClient. In the following blog post I want to show you how to use the new Angular HttpClient. Core features of the Angular HttpClient So in case you do not know what a HttpClient is, it is simply a way to communicate with ... Read more

Why Python is probably the programming language for dealing with Big Data

Python is a very amazing programming language and is very popular these days, so you have probably heard about Python already, you have tried it out or you use it even as your main programming language at work. Therefore I want to talk in this blog post why Python is the language (or at least one great language) when it comes to dealing and work... Read more

Short Introduction about Machine Learning

In this blog post, I want to give a short introduction about machine learning. I want to answer the questions what machine learning is, what problems machine learning faces and what machine learning algorithms are trying to solve. This will be just theoretical and should give a short introduction to the topic. I will talk about the definition of... Read more

Angular 2 Interaction Between Components

layout: post title: “Angular 2: Interaction between components” author: “Lasse Schultebraucks” comments: true In Angular 2 there are different way to communicate between components. If you use Angular 2 regularly it is very important to know multiple possibilities to do this and also when you use which way to get an interaction between your co... Read more