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I abstained from caffeine for six months

From mid march to mid september this year I abstained from caffeine. So a total period of 6 months or 26 weeks or 180 days of abstinence from all kind of Coffee, Black Tea, Cola or Energy Drinks.

TIL: Logistic Regression

In the last few days I learned about Logistic Regression as one method to solve classification problems.

TIL: Multivariate Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression and more about Gradient Descent

Today I learned about Multivariate Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression and more about Gradient Descent.

TIL: Interfaces in TypeScript, Multivariate Regression and DFAs.

Today I learned (and yesterday) about Interfaces in TypeScript and how you can use them correctly to use them as your DTO in you application, multivariate regression and a bunch of other topics from my university courses. A lot about DFA, e.g. how to minimize them and how to build the product out of two DFAs.

TIL: Minimizing cost functions with gradient descent

Today I learned about gradient descent and how you can minimize cost function for liner regression problems with gradient descent.

TIL: Cost functions for linear regression

Today I learned about cost functions, which are also known as mean square error (MSE), for linear regression problems.

TIL: Classifying unbalanced data classes in Machine Learning

With this blog post I introduce a new post category on my blog: Today I Learned or short TIL. In a recent post I wrote about that I have less time for writing this blog currently and therefore I do not want to concentrate on writing long blog posts like in the past. Therefore I will try out TIL and post new things that I have learned about in a couple of short paragraphs on my blog. The intention for this is to deepen the learned, to archive it and to share it. I probably won’t blog on a daily basis.

Building a REST API with mongoose

Mongoose is a node module and works as an API for MongoDB, which is a NoSQL database. With the power of mongoose you can easily write schemas for your MongoDB database and perform CRUD operations on it.

Dealing with CORS in Angular (development)

Cross-origin ressource sharing (CORS) is a mechanism used in HTTP to prevent browser and webclients requesting from another domains. Some requests may work, others may not. The purpose of CORS is to determine if it is safe to communicate in regards of server and client.

Creating a blog with GitHub pages

I recently moved my blog. Again… WordPress (finally) died for me and now I can host my blog with an own domain, a SSL certificate totally free.

Strategic and operational management

I currently hear a couple of subsidiary subjects for my Computer Science study.

How long before superintelligence?

Superintelligence is an AI which can outperform humans in every field. There are already AIs like AlphaGo (Zero) which had defeated the world best Go player, so AlphaGo seems like a smart AI, which in terms of a superintelligent AI it is not. Today there are only AIs which are at the very beginning. There are already AIs which are production ready and help experts in different branches like medicine, but there is not even close to an AI which can substitute an expert like a doctor. And occupation is not everything. Human intelligence is spread over many disciplines. Actually the term intelligence is not quite defined. In my opinion intelligence in terms of human intelligence can be measured by different aspects like problem solving and creativity, but also emotional intelligence.

Superintelligence can break out

We don’t know if and if so, when there will be superintelligence. But let’s imagine there is superintelligence. Can we control it? Can we control it like a slave and prevent that it get free access on the internet? Can we prevent that superintelligence do not do anything what we do not want?

A Short History of Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? What has Artificial Intelligence reached in the past? What are appreciable milestones of Artificial Intelligence in the last years? What will Artificial Intelligence solve in 5 years, 20 years, 50 years or 100 years from now? And how will look Artificial Intelligence the future?

Angular Forms: Reactive Forms

In last weeks blog post I have talked about the template-driven form approach in Angular. Beside why using forms I have also explained how to use template driven forms in Angular, how to use validation in template driven forms and what the advantages and disadvantages are. In this weeks blog post I want to show you how to use reactive forms in Angular.

Angular Forms: The template-driven form approach

In Angular there existing two ways to create and use forms. To clear things up, I want to talk about both ways. In this post I want to talk about the Template-driven Form approach. In the next week blog post I will talk about Reactive Forms.

Testing services in Angular

Testing in Software Development is essential. In this blog post I will demonstrate how Testing in Angular works by testing a service with Jasmine and Karma by build a simple Angular application. I also try to answer the question why and how to test.

The Problem of overfitting and underitting

This blog post is part of a series, where I talk about concepts and algorithms in Machine Learning.

Support Vector Machines (SVM)

This blog post is part of a series, where I talk about concepts and algorithms in Machine Learning. In this part I want to talk about another popular algorithm, which is widely used for solving classification and regression problems. I am of course talking about Support Vector Machines (SVM).

Recursive Angular components

Recursion is a well known concept in Software Development and is a useful tool when it comes to algorithms which use e.g. divide an conquer to solve a problem recursively. But beside standard algorithms you can also use them in Angular components to build recursive components. It’s actually really simple and useful.

Data Visualization with Python

This blog post is part of a series, where I talk about concepts and algorithms in Machine Learning. In this blog post I do not want to talk about any concept or algorithm, but about data visualization with Python. Data Visualization with Python is very important, especially for Machine Learning, because you want to explore your data and gain knowledge about the data set you work with, so that you can select good features. I won’t explain the following plots and charts in depth, because most of them are very similar and should just give you some ideas how you can plot your data. You will find all examples of the following plots and charts on GitHub.

Preparation of training data

This blog post is part of a series, where I talk about concepts and algorithms in Machine Learning. In this part I want to talk a little about the preparation of data before you start training the data to your Machine Learning algorithm.

Gaussian Naive Bayes

So I currently learning some machine learning stuff and therefore I also exploring some interesting algorithms I want to share here. This time I want to talk about the Gaussian Naive Bayes algorithm, which is a simple classification algorithm which is based on the Bayes’ theorem.

Angular: Common Http Client

With the last major release of Angular to Angular 4.3 there came a new feature to the Angular framework: The new Angular HttpClient. In the following blog post I want to show you how to use the new Angular HttpClient.

Why Python is probably the programming language for dealing with Big Data

Python is a very amazing programming language and is very popular these days, so you have probably heard about Python already, you have tried it out or you use it even as your main programming language at work. Therefore I want to talk in this blog post why Python is the language (or at least one great language) when it comes to dealing and working with Big data.

Short Introduction about Machine Learning

In this blog post, I want to give a short introduction about machine learning. I want to answer the questions what machine learning is, what problems machine learning faces and what machine learning algorithms are trying to solve. This will be just theoretical and should give a short introduction to the topic. I will talk about the definition of machine learning, different categories and types of machine learning problems and algorithms and last but not least about the challenges you face, if you want to develop a machine learning algorithm. I hope you will have fun and learn something new!

Angular 2: Interaction between components

In Angular 2 there are different way to communicate between components. If you use Angular 2 regularly it is very important to know multiple possibilities to do this and also when you use which way to get an interaction between your components. Therefore I write about three possibilities in this blog post and also explain what are the advantages/disadvantages of them and when you should use which solution to build a clean and simple Angular 2 application. We will discuss about:

Android Firebase Authentication with Firebase UI

Many apps need safe, fast and easy user authentication to save user personal data. To achieve this, you do not have to build your own authentication system and you do not want to care much about backend.