Lasse Schultebraucks IT Consultant

One programming language per year

Constant learning is an important concept as a software developer, especially as a consultant. Regarding skill distribution, there is often talk of generalists as well as specialists. In reality, t-shaped people are in demand. T-Shaped describes a generalist with at least one specialty. This is e.g. a fullstack developer with specialization in ... Read more

Playing Darts

After a long time without blog post and over a year of pandemic, this is the first blog post again from me. A lot has happened around the world, but also for me personally and professionally. Fortunately, I and my family and friends are not too affected by the pandemic. As for me personally: I was able to write my bachelor thesis last year and... Read more

Migrations with Spring Boot and Flyway

In the last month I worked a lot with migrations in a Spring Boot application. I used Flyway as a version control tool to manage migration scripts. Flyway is a great and easy to use tool to deal with migrations in a Java project with a SQL database. In the following I will show you in a demo application how to set up flyway in a spring boot app... Read more

Basic Authentication

In one of my latest blog posts I talked about authentication and authorization. Now I want to dive deeper and tackle common authentication methods for REST APIs. In this blog post I start with one of the most common and easiest way to implement authentication methods. Basic Authentication (BA) One of the most common and easiest ways to secure... Read more

Introduction to Java Stream API

Java Stream API is there since Java 8. It is used to express computation on data is a short and elegant way. In the following post I will introduce you to the most common methods to give you an idea what you can achieve with the Java Stream API. Streams vs Collections Before jumping right into the code I want to explain the difference between ... Read more