Lasse Schultebraucks IT Consultant

Building a REST API with mongoose

Mongoose is a node module and works as an API for MongoDB, which is a NoSQL database. With the power of mongoose you can easily write schemas for your MongoDB database and perform CRUD operations on it. To use mongoose, Node.JS and MongoDB is required. You can get NodeJS here and MongoDB over here. After creating a new npm project with npm ini... Read more

Dealing with CORS in Angular (development)

Cross-origin ressource sharing (CORS) is a mechanism used in HTTP to prevent browser and webclients requesting from another domains. Some requests may work, others may not. The purpose of CORS is to determine if it is safe to communicate in regards of server and client. A couple of days ago I build a web client with Angular and used a REST API... Read more

Creating a blog with GitHub pages

I recently moved my blog. Again… WordPress (finally) died for me and now I can host my blog with an own domain, a SSL certificate totally free. So there are a couple of different reasons why I left WordPress and bluehost hosting. First hosting a WordPress blog on bluehost costs around 2,95$ every month. For just a personal blog without busines... Read more

Strategic and operational management

I currently hear a couple of subsidiary subjects for my Computer Science study. One of the lectures deals about management. There is strategic and operational management. Simplified strategic management deals about long term goals and market decision, like e.g. how should we represent ourself as a company and on which direction we want to devel... Read more

How long before superintelligence?

Superintelligence is an AI which can outperform humans in every field. There are already AIs like AlphaGo (Zero) which had defeated the world best Go player, so AlphaGo seems like a smart AI, which in terms of a superintelligent AI it is not. Today there are only AIs which are at the very beginning. There are already AIs which are production rea... Read more