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TIL: Multivariate Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression and more about Gradient Descent

Today I learned about Multivariate Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression and more about Gradient Descent. I also created a Python script which let me create the layout for posts, especially TIL posts much faster. As I mentioned in a post a couple of days ago I learned more about multivariate Linear Regression. So Linear Regression with mult... Read more

TIL: Interfaces in TypeScript, Multivariate Regression and DFAs.

Today I learned (and yesterday) about Interfaces in TypeScript and how you can use them correctly to use them as your DTO in you application, multivariate regression and a bunch of other topics from my university courses. A lot about DFA, e.g. how to minimize them and how to build the product out of two DFAs. There was a lot of troubleshooting ... Read more

TIL: Minimizing cost functions with gradient descent

Today I learned about gradient descent and how you can minimize cost function for liner regression problems with gradient descent. In yesterdays TIL I wrote about linear regression and cost functions (also known as MSE) for measuring the accuracy of a hypothesis in linear regression problems. So what is a gradient descent? With gradient desce... Read more

TIL: Cost functions for linear regression

Today I learned about cost functions, which are also known as mean square error (MSE), for linear regression problems. I just started the Machine Learning Course on Coursera by Andrew Ng to get a better understanding of how Machine Learning works and extends my knowledge in the field. To recap: Linear regression is a way to model a relationshi... Read more

TIL: Classifying unbalanced data classes in Machine Learning

With this blog post I introduce a new post category on my blog: Today I Learned or short TIL. In a recent post I wrote about that I have less time for writing this blog currently and therefore I do not want to concentrate on writing long blog posts like in the past. Therefore I will try out TIL and post new things that I have learned about in a... Read more