Lasse Schultebraucks IT Consultant

Playing Darts

After a long time without blog post and over a year of pandemic, this is the first blog post again from me.

A lot has happened around the world, but also for me personally and professionally. Fortunately, I and my family and friends are not too affected by the pandemic.

As for me personally: I was able to write my bachelor thesis last year and then start working full time as an IT consultant. After I was able to spend some time regularly at the customer’s office in the fall, I have been working completely from home again since mid-December. My employer itself has coped very well with the crisis and has accordingly made a very good start in 2021.

But what I really wanted to write about is darts. And not about the programming language but about the sport darts. I used to play darts with friends and acquaintances from time to time and also played on an e-dart board, but after I moved into my own apartment last year I got myself a dart board. I would definitely still call myself a beginner, but I’ve gotten a little better.

It’s a good contrast to my other activities where I sit at my desk. Walking, running and sports are of course still things I do, but darts is a good alternative that is easy to do from home and where you can be a little active without getting too exhausted. Most of the time I play darts alone, but in the last few months I’ve been playing once a week with a friend via webcam, which is always fun and a good way to socialize during those times.

One milestone I would like to reach is my first 180. So far I have been playing a little bit of darts more or less every day for half a year, but I have not yet thrown a 180. A 180 is three darts into the triple 20, which adds up to 3 x 3 x 20 = 180. I expect to reach this milestone this year. So far, I’ve hit the Triple 20 a few times already with two out of three darts.

Darts is definitely not the sport that is effective to build muscles or improve his condition, however, through darts can improve his focus, concentration and fine motor skills.

That’s it for now, when I throw my first 180 I will definitely share it on Twitter. Otherwise, in the next times I will write about different topics, technical and non-technical.

Edit: I did it!