My recent programming projects and what I have learned in the last year(s)

In the last years I collected a lot of programming experiences during developing different projects. In this blog post I want to reflect a little bit about my recent projects and what I learned in general about Software Development in the last years. So lets begin chronological.

School and after school

After school I mainly had programmed with C++, Java and Python and know a little bit about data structures like lists, trees and graphs. Also in school I learned basic algorithms skills and the concept of OOP. Beside school I also programmed a little bit, but never really started a side project because I did not know where to start and probably also was too lazy.

Building an App and learning to create something new – First Blog

After school I had a lot of time, so I started with Android Programming. The reason for this why I choose Android was that I have already know Java and the idea of programming an own Android app and publishing it in the Google PlayStore, where everybody can download your app was cool. So I started watching videos, read and programmed the examples of the book “Android Programming – The Big Nerd Ranch Guide” and had fun at writing my first Android Applications. I remember, that one of my first applications were a simple calculator app, which also could do some nice parsing things with strings and detect mathematical terms. I soon begin to start my first big project. The app “Food Planner” (German: “Essensplaner”) was my first app I developed and published in the Google PlayStore. You can find the app here. The app has now more than 10,000 downloads. With Food Planner I learned not only Android Programming. I actually learned Git. Because I worked from multiple devices on the project it made sense that I used a VCS. At this time I were a fresh university student and could benefit from the features of the GitHub student package. So I could create private repositories at GitHub and put my projects under VCS there. I have wrote a little bit more about what I have learned from programming an Android app here. The Android time also was the first time I worked on my first blog. On my first Blog I wrote a lot about the different faces of Android and about different concepts. This blog was in German and was a free version of WordPress, so I did not have an own domain. Therefore I looked for my own domain and found out that is the one I want to pick.

Second blog, university

On my second blog I wrote not about one specific topic like Android Development, rather I just wrote about more different topics like Firebase (I was still developing my app and build in the Firebase Realtime Database in my App at that time). But I did not find the motivation and was not consistent enough to blog regularly. And also because of university I found it very hard to study, developing on site projects, writing a blog and having free time. Therefore my blog often times fall in the last place.

My first Job as a Software Developer, Interest in Web Technologies

I got my first side job at BROCKHAUS AG in march 2017. I work there with web technologies, which before I never used them to build something except for a little bit HTML and CSS. But I soon got excited for all the cool new web tech stuff and also developed with them at my free time instead of Android. After I learned a lot about frontend web development, specially about Angular, I wanted to build my own blog (as already said in my last blog post). But after I have finished developing my blog I soon noticed, that this is not the solution as I want and so I took WordPress as a my platform, because WordPress seems for me the best solution. But I do not regret my effort, which I stick into learning about the MEAN stack, because I learned a lot of new things that I think will be helpful in the future for me (like e.g. how to build an REST-API , some authentication stuff and in general how to build a backend with JavaScript).

Present and future

I am currently finishing with my second semester, I have learned in university in the last year a lot, but for that I will write eventually another blog post in the future. I am starting with this blog again new from scratch, but I am planning to commit more to blogging and reflect more about things what I have learned – as already said in the last post. Also I want to focus on new side projects, which I will reflect on them too here in the future.
Thanks for reading, if you have not already read my last blog post, then you can do that by clicking here. I am also active on Twitter, so if you do not want to miss any new blog posts, then follow me there.

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