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Hi, my name is Lasse Schultebraucks and maybe you know me already from real life or from my old blog, which was also under this domain. If not, welcome to my new WordPress blog! I will talk about me a little bit more again at the end, so definitely keep on reading to the end.

I have now started with a self hosted WordPress blog, because I wanted more freedom and I wanted to focus more on this blog. In the future I want to produce more content and blog more about things I learned and programmed. The intention of writing a blog for me is simple: First it is fun and I really enjoy writing and second I learn from blogging a lot. As you might now, I am from Germany and therefore my native language is German and not English. For improving to write in the English language writing a blog is a great possibility I think. And besides learning a language better, it is also important for me to reflect on other things I have learned as a Computer Scientist/Software Developer. Actually before starting this WordPress blog I had a blog hosted at Jimdo, but my possibilities was very limited and it was just not a good solution for me. After that I thought it would be awesome to develop a own blog. I learned a little bit programming with the MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular and NodeJS) and developed the frontend with Angular 4 and the backend with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB for storing my blog posts. It took around a month and after that I have finished developing a simple backend with a REST-API and also developed a nice looking Angular application. I even have developed a simple admin dashboard for managing the content of my blog (like WordPress but way more easier). But I then recognized that this is not the best solution for a robust blog. I soon figure out, that WordPress is probably the best solution for me. It has a huge community and it gives you just many possibilities. So even if I pay a little bit more than with a own solution – hosted on AWS, I pay less than with Jimdo now and I also have more chances to get creative work done by using all the tools WordPress offers.

What content I want to produce?

I am currently working with web technologies, so there will be definitive blog posts in this direction. I also learn a lot about machine learning right now – the last post at my old blog was also about machine learning – and I also want to focus on it in the future, therefore I will write about this huge exciting theme, too. Machine Learning is pretty amazing and it will deal a huge role in the future too, so it is a pretty cool topic for a blog. If you do not know what machine learning is, it is basically the concept of training an algorithm with a lot of data to solve a certain task. Then the algorithm will made new predictions on new data and can solve problems based on his experience he made while learning from the data we give him for training. Examples for machine learning are e.g. image recognition or sentiment analysis. Machine Learning problems are typical problems you can’t describe accurate with an hand written algorithm, like image recognition: It is very hard to impossible to describe an algorithm which can recognize faces, but with machine learning it is much easier and you also can get very accurate solution there. I hope I could excite you about machine learning now, if you are not already excited about it.

Some information about me

As you might already now, my name is Lasse Schultebraucks. At the time I write these lines, I am 19 years old and I am studying Computer Science at the TU Dortmund in Germany. Beside university I work at BROCKHAUS AG, which is a Software Developing and IT Consulting company. I have been working there for about 5 months now and I really like it. The people which I work with are nice and I learn there new things every time. Beside university and work and I would call myself a passionate learner, because I am very interesting in technology topics and I love to read and develop my skills. I also like it to try out new things. If you want to contact me, don’t be shy I would be glad to here from you. You can contact me at various ways, E-Mail, Twitter or just below by writing a comment. If you have any question, you want to constructively criticize me or just want to chat don’t hesitate and write me.
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